Recent Projects

San Carlos Commons

Property Size: 1.23 Acres.

Status Update: Fully entitled Seniors Housing Community

Property Type: Commercial Pedestrian Zoning District, Conditional Use Permit to allow a 7-story, 227,617 square foot mixed-use development.

246-bed Senior Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE)

61 Multi-family Senior Residential Units

6,000 Square-foot Ground Floor Retail Space Alternative Parking (stackers)

Land and Entitlements

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Soquel Ave

Parcel Sizes: 8,102 sf & 7,927 sf

Improvement Size: 1,682 SF

Zoning: C-1 Commercial

3 floors senior care project, including memory care units on 1st floor, separated from senior living units on 2nd and 3rd floor, with amenities and nursing stations on each floor, kitchen and dining area, retail unit.

Retail: 1 Unit

Memory Care: 22 Units

Senior Living: 54 Units

Common Area: 1 Unit

130 beds total

Ample parking and street visibility

Madera Ave

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